Fukuoka tower


This is Fukuoka tower’s X’mas tree in lights, which is 108 meters tall. 

Sometimes santa clause appears on the building. 

Fukuoka tower is the tallest seaside broadcasting tower in Japan.

Its height is 234 meters. 

Usually it costs 800 yen to ride an elevator to the top, but foreigners who can prove their status need only pay 640 yen. 

Fukuoka tower is also specially illuminated on Valentine’s Day or during the Star Festival in July. 

It is enjoyable to see the various displays on Fukuoka Tower. 

Hakata tomyo watching


Yesterday I went to “Hakata Tomyo (light offered to god) Watching”. 

Shrines, temples, schools and other famous places in Hakata city, Fukuoka, are lit up with lots of small lights. 

They are about 30000 hand made lights constructed by candles and washi (Japanese paper). 

They are on both sides of road and also are arranged into pictures.

The event lasts for only 3 hours.  

But they are very beautiful. 

This event makes many people cheerful, as it’s fantastic mood heals visitors and the bonds of local residents deepen. 

This year was 21th year since it was started.