Kyoto animation

Kyoto animation corporation is in Kowata Uji city, which is my home town. 

That used to be a small company, but now it is growing.

They produce animations set in Kyoto.

The famous recent one is “Sounds! Euphonium”.

It is a story about a high school orchestra in Uji.

There are a lot of scenes that take place at iconic locations around Uji.

It is fun to identity those places.

And the Kyo ani shop where you can buy goods is located near Keihan Kowata station.

Manga Museum


The Kyoto international manga museum is located in downtown Kyoto.

The building is used to be an elementary school.

10% of visitors are foreigners.

There are about 50000 manga on the wall and you can read any of them.

And there are about 5600 manga which are translated into other languages.

They hold special events and workshops, too.

This is an object based on Osama Tezuka’s Fire Bird.

Sazae san street


“Sazae san street” is in Sawara-ku Fukuoka.

“Sazae san” is a well known manga in Japan.

There are 45 comic books in the series. 

The TV show started in 1969, and is popular to this day. 

The characters names in the Sazae family are taken from things related to the sea, like Sazae (turben shell), Katsuo (bonito), Wakame (sea weed), Masuo (trout), Tara (cod), Fune (boat) and Namihei (waves).

Machiko Hasegawa, who is the author of the manga, used to live in Fukuoka.

And here in Momochi beach she got the idea of ocean-related names and decided on them.

This photo shows the old-style Sazae san manga. 



The Kyoto International Manga Anime Fair 2015 will be held in Kyoto on September 19 and 20.

It is called “Kyomafu”.

The event is at Miyako messe and the Kyoto manga museum.

This photo is an advertisement for it on the subway train. 

It has been held every year since 2012.

I visited it on that first year. 

I think it will be more splendid than that time.

Many people will do cosplay as manga characters.

The same day, in the Okazaki area where Miyako Messe is, many events and performances will also be held.

The road will be only for people.

It is called ” Kyoto Okazaki hare butai”.

‘Hare butai’ means ‘gala occasion.’

And hare also means clear wether. 

Let’s hope it becomes so.