Tofukuji temple

And I went to Tofukuji temple in Kyoto.

It is famous for Autumn leaves.

Those are very beautiful.

It has 25 sub temples.

Tentokuin, which I posted yesterday,  is one of them.

You can go there from Tofukuji station of the Keihan or JR train.

If you are in Japan in autumn,  it is good to visit there. 

Though it will be crowded with tourists. 

Eikando temple


Soon it is time for autumn leaves.
In middle of November the trees change color.  

In Kyoto, many shrines and temples are beautiful in autumn.

Eikando temple in Sakyouku is one of them, and is called ” Momoji ( maple tree) no Eikando”.

And famous thing there is “Mikaeri Amida (Looking behind Amitabha)”, the principal image at Zenrinji Eikando.

It’s hight is just 77 cm, but it’s figure is commanding. 

The figure of Amida shows him waiting for people who come after, with love and pity. 

It may also represent the Amida looking back on his own past.