Mt.Shasta (USA)

Back to USA stuff.

This is Mt. Shasta.

It is located northen California.

I went there twice.

The first time was on the way when we moved from San francisco to Seattle, we drove through there.

Some people say it is a spiritual place.

The mountain was beautiful.

And the lake nearby was nice.

When we went there, nobody was at the lake.

And they say this spring is the beginning of the northern california watershed.  

I had a good time.

Limeleaf Eco-Lodge (Thailand)

I stayed at Limeleaf eco-Lodge for 3 nights.

It is located between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in Northern Thailand. 

It is a nice country side and has a good view.

The family who own the place are very nice people.

Getting there from the road is more than a 1 mile hike straight up the hill.

We had fun.



Last year I went to Ibusuki in Kagoshima prefecture.

This is rape blossoms.

The lake is Ikedako which is the biggest lake in Kyusyu.

The mountain is Kaimondake which is called Satsuma Fuji.

Ibusuki is famous for Sunamushi onsen.

It is a hot sand bath onsen.

You lay down on the sand with a cloth like yukata and they cover you with hot sand.

It feels hot and good.