Yesterday I went a salsa music festival (ISLA de SALSA 20th anniversary) on Nokonoshima island in Fukuoka.

Music, dancing, eating…

It was fun.

Though I posted about Nokonoshima before, there is island park there which has many flowers all year.

This time I found out that there are also water taxis that go to the island.

Karman live

The day before yesterday I went to a live performance of a music group called ” Karman”.

I had long wanted go to see their show, then by chance they came to a cafe only walking distance from my house.

Their music is a mix of Morin Khuur (stringed musical instrument of Mongolian origin), Hammered Dulcimer, and Bodhrán.

They played Mongolian, lrish, and other types of songs. 

Their harmonies were very good and it was nostalgic.

There are many unique musical instruments in the world, aren’t there?