Ramen SinSin

Yesterday my parents came to Fukuoka and my father wanted to eat ramen.

So we ate ramen at Hakata station, where there is Hakata men kaido (noodle street).

We chose a restaurant named ShinShin.

The picture shows ramen and fried ramen.

The Noodles are very thin.

And cyasyu (the roasted pork fillets) were very delicious.

Toshikoshi soba


This is soba which is Japanese buckwheat noodles.

In Japan people eat soba at New Year’s Eve.

It is called Toshikoshi soba.

It is a Japanese custom which started in the Edo era. 
Soba is easier to cut than other noodles. 

So people eat it as meaning to cut out the calamities of the past year. 

They eat it with shrimp tempura, fried bean curd, etc.

I like to eat it with Nishin (cooked herring ). 

This is the Kyoto style for eating soba. 

Burdock Tenpura Udon


Burdock Tenpura Udon is popular in Fukuoka.

This is from the shop named “Daichi no Udon”.
The shop is located in the underground mall of the Asahi building near Hakata station. 

It is famous, so usually there is a long waiting line.

But I found out there is an original shop near my house, so I went there.

A burdock Tenpura was so big.

And the noodles were good, too.

Usually Udon here in Fukuoka is softer than those in Kansai.  

But the noodles at Daichi no Udon weren’t too soft. 

Noodle (Thailand)


This noodle I ate is from some little local shop on the ally in Khlong Bang Luang.

It was so good.

There are many delicious foods in Thailand like Pad thai, Khao man gai, thai curry and many spicy others.

Now I am in Japan.

So I will get back to things in Japan.

I may sometimes write things about Thailand and other countries I visited.