The restaurant “Shshikyuu” is located on Oharai street in Okage Yokocho.

Their Tekonezushi is very good. 

Long ago, in Shima, fishermen soaked fresh bonito, which they just caught on the ship, and mixed it with vinegar rice by hand.  

That is the beginning of Tekonezushi.

 For busy fishermen, it was a meal to make easily.

It is very delicious.

Sushikyu is very popular, but it is big, so turnover is fast.

If you eat it one time, you will want to eat it again.

Okage Yokocho


Outside the inner shrine’s grounds there is an area called “Okage Yokocho” (Thanks Alley).

Representative buildings, from the Edo to the Meiji period in Ise, were moved there and the place was recreated.

So it feels as if time has slipped there.

There are a lot of amusement places like foods and gifts shops of Ise products. 

At “Okage-za shinwa no yakata”,  you can experience stories from Japanese myths in film as well as displays of washi paper dolls. 

Okage Yokocho is crowded with visitors everyday.