Today was my Birthday.

I am staying at an onsen ryokan in the Hirayama onsen area near Kumamoto.

The bath water here was so soft and made my skin smooth.

Their outside bath was also very nice. 

Kurokawa onsen

There are many onsen in Japan.

Onsens are hot springs.

Recently I went Kurokawa onsen in Kumamoto.

Kurokawa onsen has 24 different bath houses.

Those are ryokan, so you can stay there or you can just take a bath.

I went to two different baths.

One of them was a cave bath which the owner made by himself.

Onsens feel good.

The streets of Kurokawa onsen have a good atmosphere, not only nice baths.

Foot bath

The other day I went to Fukui prefecture.

Several hot spring areas (Onsen) are there.
Awara Onsen is one of them.

I didn’t go to the Onsen there, but I found a foot bath house.

There are 5 different foot baths there.

It was a nice place and felt good.

It is open from 7 o’clock in the morning to 11 o’clock at night and is free.

You can find foot baths at many places in Japan.

Next time when I go to Fukui, I want to stay at an Onsen Ryokan.



Last year I went to Ibusuki in Kagoshima prefecture.

This is rape blossoms.

The lake is Ikedako which is the biggest lake in Kyusyu.

The mountain is Kaimondake which is called Satsuma Fuji.

Ibusuki is famous for Sunamushi onsen.

It is a hot sand bath onsen.

You lay down on the sand with a cloth like yukata and they cover you with hot sand.

It feels hot and good.


Yukemuri view


In Beppu Oita, there are 8 hot spring areas. 

The number of Spring sources and the amount of jetting water are number 1 in Japan.

This photo is the view from Yukemuri (clouds from the hot spring) observation platform .

You can have a relaxing view of  Yukemuri and mountains.

Somebody counted the number of  Yukemuri:   it was 408.

Though in this photo you can’t see those well, can you see them?

According to an NHK survey in 2001 of “Japanese scenery which people want to preserve for the 21st century”,
Beppu Yukemuri got the second after Mt Fuji.

The night view is also beautiful with a spotlighted Yukemuri.

Osawa onsen


There are many hot spring (onsen) areas around Iwate prefecture.

I stayed at Osawa onsen in Hanamaki onsen area.

Osawa onsen has three parts.

I stayed in the cheapest area, which includes a community kitchen, for around 3000 yen per day.

It also has a good soba restaurant on site. 

The building is over 200 years old and it is very unique.

The bath water is very soft and makes your skin feel smooth.

One of the outside baths is for mixed bathing. 

I recommend this place.