Dublinia and Christ Church Cathedral (Ireland) 

And we visited Dublinia and the Christ Church Cathedral.

Things about Dublin of  from the Viking age to Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII in 1540 are  introduced at Dublinia.

You can go to Christ Church Cathedral by bridge.

National Leprechaun Museum (Ireland)

We went to the Nathional Leprechaun Museum in Dublin.

You can visit several rooms and hear  tradition, legends, folklore and old stories from Ireland.

It was a little difficult for me to understand.

The guide told us that most of the old stories didn’t have happy endings, but after Christans like St. Patrick came into Ireland they changed them to have happy endings. 

Leprechauns are elfs in Ireland and are like national mascots. 

You can spot them because of their green hats.

Rice field 

The day before yesterday I visited my friends house in Nagasaki prefecture.

She told me how to make Koji (malted rice), which is used to make like Miso and Shoyu, etc.

She is making Amazake from it.

She has a rice field in back of her house.

Some people helped the rice-planting.

The pictures of the rice fields are the  neighbors ones that already finished the rice-planting.

And I saw fireflys around the river near her house.

I got just one of them in my picture, because it is difficult.

But there were many fireflys, and they were very beautiful.

Guinness Storehouse (Ireland)

The Guinness Brewery in Dublin is the biggest brewery in Europe. 

At the storehouse  they introduce their production process, advertising and history.

The ticket price includes one pint of Guiness.

You can drink their stout on the 7th floor with a good view.

The old library (Ireland)

We went to the old library in Trinity  College  in Dublin.

Trinity College is the oldest public college in Ireland.

The old library has 2,000,000 books in the long room on the second floor.

And the most famous one there is The book of Kells which was made about 1200 years ago.

It is written with very beautiful pictures and characters.

The old library itself has a magnificent atmosphere. 

Trains (Helsinki)

There are Metros, Trams, Buses, and trains in Helsinki.

I bought a one day pass for €9.

I asked many people for directions on the road.

Everybody was very nice.

I took the Finnair bus going to the city from the airport.

And on the way back I tried taking the train.

When I went to the train, the door was closed.

I didn’t know I had to push the button to open by myself.

I had a good time in Helsinki.

I would like to visit Finland again.

Next time I want to visit the forest and maybe a sauna.