Tix Pics

You can see these pictures at the Kansai Airport station of the Nankai train.

There are four pictures.

All are from famous pictures of ”The Gleaners”, “The Mona Lisa”, “The Birth of Venus” and “Moulin de la galette”.

Those are made up of 320000 used train tickets which were collected at Namba station, and posted by manual labor.

That was the best part of this exhibit.  

Wisteria season

This beautiful flower is Wisteria.

My friend Enchi took this photo at Byodoin temple in Uji Kyoto.

Wisteria is ‘Fuji’ in Japanese.

Now it is in season. 

There are many places famous for Fuji in Japan.

And Fuji festivals are held.

I heard that Kawachi-Fujien in Kitakyushu city and Susanoo shrine in Yame city, Fukuoka and Karatsu castle in Saga are famous places around here to see Fuji. 

I haven’t visited them yet, but I want to.