Hirugano plateau

Today it is the middle of the golden holiday week in japan. 

I came to Hirugano plateau in Gifu prefecture.

I was suprised it still had snow on the  far off mountains. 

And the Sakura blossoms were still in bloom at this high altitude.

I felt I was lucky to see them again.

And the daffodil flowers were beautiful.

This place is famous for skiing in the winter.

Akiyoshidai Plateau 

Akiyoshidai Plateau is near Akiyoshido cave in Yamaguchi.

It is Japan’s largest karst plateau, which is designated the nation’s natural monument.

The limestone that forms its majestic landscape was created about 350 million years ago from coral reefs in the southern sea, which over many years formed the karst plateau that we see today.

It is green in the spring.

But now in autumn it is brown with many Japanese pampas grasses.

The area and its nature are mysterious.

Soni plateau


According to the calendar, today is the first day of autumn in Japan.

This photo is Soni plateau which is located in the north east of Nara prefecture.

In spring they scorch the mountainsides to prepare for the next growing season. 

In summer the landscape becomes green.

In autumn it is famous for Japanese pampas grass, whose ears bathe in the sun and shine in gold and silver.

They say it is beautiful.

When I went there, it wasn’t sunny, but I enjoyed it anyway. 

I want to go there again and see the beautiful scenery.