Shigaraki pottery


Talking about Shiga, Shigaraki pottery is famous.

It is one of the main 6 Japanese old types of pottery which has been produced from middle ages till now.

Shigaraki is located in Kouga city.

The soil there is suited for pottery.

The Raccoon dog is one famous kind of Shigaraki pottery. 

The typical one wears a braided hat, has a sake bottle in the left hand, and has a bankbook in the right hand, with his head tilted to one side.

People put them in storefronts for thriving business and good luck.

This raccoon dog is the biggest in the world.

Imari pottery 


Imari pottery and Arita pottery were usually made by three craftsmen.

First is the potter, second is the painter who draws in blue ink, and third is the colorist. 

In Ookawayamauchi, pottery producers are gathered.

It has a good atmosphere and you can walk around and windowshop.

This is a funny decoration on a bridge near the harbor. 

Actually most Imari pottery is sophisticated plates and cups like that.

There are places you can try painting on pottery.

The other day I tried it, it was fun.

Straw wrapping


The other day I went to Imari in Saga prefecture. 

In Saga, Imari pottery and Arita pottery are famous.

Both are made by porcelain.

People wonder how they are different.

Long ago, the pottery made in Arita was brought to the port in Imari. 

Then they were packed in straw, like in this photo, and were sent overseas.

Those old pottery pieces were called Koimari.

Since pottery producers were united according area about 400 years ago, they were divided into Imari pottery and Arita pottery.

I was really impressed by the artistic protective straw wrapping at the museum.