Noryo Yuka

One of the Summer traditional things in Kyoto is “Noryo Yuka”. 

It is raised wooden platform over the dry riverbed for enjoying cool breezes.

Many restaurants, on the east of the street face the Kamogawa River, lay out the Noryo Yuka.

At the time I walked the Shijyo Ohashi bridge, they also had Kyo no Tanabata festival.

Kamogawa river


This is Kamogawa river.

It is an iconic river in Kyoto city.

Two rivers, the Kamogawa and the Takano river, run from the north to the south, and join together, then go on as the Kamogawa river.

It is like the letter Y.

And it flows to meet the Katsuragawa river and becomes the Yodogawa river.

The over-all length is 23 Kilometers. 

It is very nice to take a walk along the river.

Artist house (Thailand)


This time I went to Khlong Bang Luang which is small town along a river.
It’s community was made 200 years ago.

The artist house is located there.

It has a gallery and coffee shop in it,  and you can see puppet show.

The area is very nostalgic and has a relaxing atmosphere.

You go to BTS Bang Wa station and take a taxi to end of Soi Charan Sanitwong 3 street.

And after you cross the bridge you will find the river arcade.

I am happy that I went there.