Ayutthaya (Thailand)

I have some more places I  visited in Thailand.

The historic City of Ayutthaya is located the north of Bangkok.

It takes about less than 2hours by bus or train.

There are many temples and ruins.

I looked around by tuktuk in the morning and rented  a bicycle in the  afternoon.

The bicycle was a used one from a  Japanese high scool.

It was funny.

Chichen Itza 2 (Mexico)

El Caracol, aka The Observatory, is found in the old part.

It is 13m high and 11m in diameter.

Mayan people knew that one year is 365 days without astronomical telescopes.

It is amazing how the kept making observations there through the years…

Temples, gravesites and other stuff were there as well.

Chichen Itza (Mexico)

Back to Mexico.

Chichen Itza, which is famous ruins of Mayan civilization, is located one and half hours by car from Merida.

It flourished from AD4 to AD13.

This is the Kukulcan Pyramid of El Castillo.

It is 24 meters high.

Kukulcan’s head is at the bottom of the stairs.

It represents a large snake which has wings. They say at the time of the solstice the sunlight through the cracks casts a shadow image of Kukulkan.

Chichen Itza has an old part and a new part.