Hirugano plateau

Today it is the middle of the golden holiday week in japan. 

I came to Hirugano plateau in Gifu prefecture.

I was suprised it still had snow on the  far off mountains. 

And the Sakura blossoms were still in bloom at this high altitude.

I felt I was lucky to see them again.

And the daffodil flowers were beautiful.

This place is famous for skiing in the winter.



These are double cherry blossoms (Yaezakura.)

Yesterday I took this picture.

These bloom a little bit later than typical sakura (Someiyoshino).

The day before yesterday Kumamoto prefecture had a big earthquake.

Here in Fukuoka we felt it, too.

Japan is an earthquake country.

Kumamoto castle was damaged. 

Sakura don’t bloom for long–and nothing last forever.

I hope the people in Kumamoto get peace soon.

 Sakura and rape flowers 


Now sakura are all over the place..roadsides, riversides, etc.

Yesterday I went to Saga prefecture from Fukuoka.

We used the mountain road for the first time.

I spotted a place where sakura and rape flowers were blooming together.

Saga prefecture is rural, but beautiful.