Ohajiki and Chanpon

2 Famous things at the Hojyoya festival are Chanpon and Ohajiki.

Chanpon are glass whistles. 

Shrine maidens draw pictures on them.

Ohajiki are tiddlywinks.

Every year Hakata doll makers make them following different themes. 

This years theme is about Japanese food.

The one on this photo is about folk tales. 

They make 1200 sets every year, and they sell out soon because they are lucky charms. 

They are beautiful.

Kitano Tenmangu shrine

Next to Kamishichiken is Kitano Tenmangu shrine.

It enshrines the god of study, so many students who are going to have college entrance examinations visit there.

And it is famous for plum trees and autumn colors.

There is a flea market, which everybody calls Tenjin-San, on the 25th of every month as a temple festival.

It is very fun. 

Hirano shrine


Hirano shrine is also famous for Sakura.

It has 400 Sakura trees in 60 different kinds.

Some are early blooming and some are late blooming, so you can see Sakura in bloom over a long time span.

When I visited there last year, 
Koto (Japanese harp) and an end-blown flute were being played under the flowers.