Umi no nakamichi park


Umi no nakamichi park is located in Fukuoka.

It is about 30 minutes by train from Hakata station.

These blue flowers are Nemophila.

About 2,000,000 flowers bloom on the hill in April and early May. 

Those are very beautiful.

In the park there are many flowers, children’s playgrounds, animal places, etc.

Also you can play disc golf.

It is a big and nice National park.



The school year starts in April in Japan.

A doll in this photo is standing by a pedestrian crossing on the route to school that the students walk on.

The red bag which the doll on the student’s back is called ‘randoseru’.

Grammar school students use it in Japan. 

Usually girls have a red one, and boys have a black one.  

But recently also there are other colors.

I heard that foreign people use randoseru as a fashion. 

Randoseru are made carefully of leather and they last a long time, but they are pretty expensive.