The other day I went Hirado which is located North West of Nagasaki in Kyusyu Japan.

It is a nice town which has Japanese castle and a port.

In the early Edo era before national isolation, it had trade with foreign countries like Holland, Portugal and China.

The statues in this post are Jack Specks, who was the first director of the Hirado Dutch Trading Post and Richard Cocks, who was an English trader and cultivated sweet potatoes for the first time in Japan.

It was a rainy day, so we couldn’t go around many places and take pictures.

But I liked Hirado and want to visit there again.

A bronze statue


This bronze statue is located near Jr. Onomichi station in Hiroshima prefecture.

It shows Fumiko Hayashi crouching down while wearing kimono on the seashore.

 She (1903~1951) was a writer who lived in Onomichi from age 13 to 19. 

The statue was made in July 1984.

I thought it fit with the town very well. 

It fascinated me.



This is “Nara no Daibutsu”.

It is a large statue of Buddha.

It is located in Todaiji temple in Nara.

It’s width is 57.5 meters, and the height is 49.1 meters.

It is huge and impressive.

In the back area, there is a post which has a hole.

That hole’s size is the same size as the Buddha’s nostril. 

You can try to pass through it.