Curve mirror

This mirror is called a curve mirror.

You can find these in Japan.

Japan has a lot of narrow streets. 

These mirrors are at intersections and curves to help to see blind spots. 

Do you have these in your country?

By the way, when I went Europe, I happened to come to roundabouts many times.

We don’t have them in Japan, so I was confused. : )

Yeongnam Daegu-ro street (Korea)

The street which has this wall painting is Yeongnam Daegu-ro street.

This street was a highway which linked the south and north of Korea during the Joseon Dynasty.

It was a major thoroughfare where people traveled and culture was exchanged.

Now the street is a short alley. 

And the other photo here is of people making traditional Chinese medicines.

Ponto cho street


This street is Ponto cho in Kyoto.

It is located between the Kamogawa river and Kiyamachi street, and it runs from Sanjyo street to Shijyo street. 

It is a part of the Gion Geisha area.

And there are many bars and restaurants.

They look too expensive for me.

It is narrow street but a very nice place to visit to enjoy Kyoto atmosphere.