Noryo Yuka

One of the Summer traditional things in Kyoto is “Noryo Yuka”. 

It is raised wooden platform over the dry riverbed for enjoying cool breezes.

Many restaurants, on the east of the street face the Kamogawa River, lay out the Noryo Yuka.

At the time I walked the Shijyo Ohashi bridge, they also had Kyo no Tanabata festival.

Gion Matsuri Festival 

Kyoto has a big festival in July.

It is the Gion Matsuri which is one of three biggest festivals in Japan. 

There are many kind of Shinto rituals and it’s events run all through June.

You can see Yamahoko (festival floats mounted with decorative halberds) all over in the city of Kyoto.

And you will hear Ohayashi (Japanese orchestra) music. 

The highlight of the festival is the parade of 23 Yamahoko on the 17th. (It is called Yamahoko-junko)

And on the 24th, 10 Yamahoko move around downtown Kyoto again.

Though I didn’t know this, the double Yamahoko-junko was restarted in 2014 after 49 years. 

 Many people visit this festival.

Yamahoko are beautiful!

Beach bar restaurant 

Yesterday I went to this place.

It seemed like a foreign country.

Though it is on route 202 in Itoshima, Fukuoka, near Karatsu, Saga.

The Jamaican man and another foreign guy are running the bar/restaurant. 

Right in front of it is a nice ocean beach. 
We ate barbecued chicken and ribs.

Luckily there was live music by a foreigners band. 

The wether was sunny in rainy season, so we had fun.

The restaurant’s names are SKY44 and XAYMACA BAY.


Shiraito no Taki 

This is Shiraito no Taki (water falls).

It is located in the middle of Hagane mountain at 900 meters in between Itoshima, Fukuoka and Saga.

That water falls’s drop is 23 meters. 

The place has a lot of minus ions and it is cool, so many people visit there.

You can also enjoy yamame (a kind of trout) fishing and Nagashi Somen (fine white noodles served flowing in a small flume).

Summer in Japan is very hot, so it is nice to go to places like this, but they can be crowded at times. 


“Calpis” is lactic-acid bacilli drink.

It started long ago and is very famous in Japan.
I think everybody knows it.

When I was a child, I looked forward to drinking it in summer.

In those days it was in a glass bottle, but now it is in a plastic bottle, though the package with blue dots on white is unchanged. 

People mix it with water and drink it over ice.

In the USA, it’s name is “Calpico”,

because Calpis sounds like the piss of a cow in English.

Anyway, it is good to drink in summer.

The sign in the photo reads.. the taste of first love.