I posted about Sumo before.

Every year in Nomember the tournament is held in Fukuoka.

Since I moved here, I have wanted go to see Sumo.

The other day finally I went to see it for the first time.

Though I like Hakuo, who is a Yokozuna from Mongolia who accomplished his 1000th career win the other day, he lost the match I saw this time.

But it was interesting to see Sumo live.



There is a sport which is called Sumo in Japan.

Two sumo wrestlers fight in a ring about five meters in diameter.

They fight one match per day for 15 days.

There are 6 tournaments each year.

Sumo wrestlers are separated into ranks: the top rank is Yokozuna.

Nowadays there are many foreign sumo wrestlers, including many from Mongolia.

My daughter won 4 free sumo tickets at a shopping mall, so the other day she went to see the sumo tournament.