Hanashio Pudding

Kobo Tottan has a cafe. 

They sell “Hana shio Purin (salt pudding)” .

It is very delicious with caramel sauce and the spiciness of salt.

You can eat it at the outside tables while watching beautiful ocean view.

This is the place I visited in Fukuoka most since I moved to Fukuoka 3 years ago.

I always bring my friends here who visit me in Fukuoka.

Chimaki and Kashiwa mochi

We eat these things on Children’s day.

The long ones are called “Chimaki”.

The round ones are called “Kashiwa mochi”.

Kashiwa mochi is wrapped in oak leaves. 

A long time ago, oak leaves were a container for offerings to the gods.

Oak leaves don’t fall until new bud appear.

So people eat Kashiwa mochi for their descendants.

Chimaki came from Chaina in the Heian era.

Eating it is said to ward off evil.

It seems that people in the Kanto area usually eat Kashiwa mochi, but in Kansai Chimaki is nomal.

By the way Kashiwa mochi has sweet beans inside.