Matcha and Kyogashi

These Matcha (powdered green tea) and Kyogashi (Japanese confectionery made in Kyoto) are from the “Japanese tea and gallery Kyoto saryo”.

This tea house is located in the Kyoto station building.

Every month these Kyogashi are changed according to the season. 

This blue one is named Natsuginga (summer Galaxy).

The Silver leaf shows the Milky Way on a summer night.

Inside was sweet beans.

A lot of Kyogashi are pretty.

You can find more of these in the basement floor of Isetan department store, also in the Kyoto station building.


This is a sweet shaped like Ayu (sweetfish).
Ayu is a river fish.

Many sweet shops in Kyoto sell this Ayugashi in early summer.

They say it is based on the Kamo river’s Ayu.
(This one says Uji river’s Ayu.)

Inside of it is gyuhi (kneaded rice flour with sugar or starch syrup; kneaded for a long time into a translucent paste).

I really love it.