Tenpura Hirao


This restaurant in Fukuoka serves only Tenpura. 

The name is Hirao.

There are 5 shops in Fukuoka.

First you buy a ticket.

They bring just fried hot Tenpura directory to you.

So it is delicious.

You can make Tenpura at home.

But if you do it, it will be inefficient and messy.

So I like to eat it at the restaurant.

Burdock Tenpura Udon


Burdock Tenpura Udon is popular in Fukuoka.

This is from the shop named “Daichi no Udon”.
The shop is located in the underground mall of the Asahi building near Hakata station. 

It is famous, so usually there is a long waiting line.

But I found out there is an original shop near my house, so I went there.

A burdock Tenpura was so big.

And the noodles were good, too.

Usually Udon here in Fukuoka is softer than those in Kansai.  

But the noodles at Daichi no Udon weren’t too soft. 

Kakiage tenpura


Tenpura is a classic Japanese dish, known by many people.

It is a light fried egg batter cuisine.  

Vegetables and sea food ingredients include shrimp, sweet potato, pumpkin, egg plant, shiitake mushroom, and green beans, etc.

Usually anything is okay to fry.

But Japanese restaurants in America often use stuff like broccoli and carrots!

That is little bit funny to me. 

In Japan carrots are used for kakiage as in this photo.

Kakiage is thin sliced vegetables fried together.

It takes a bit of work, but kakiage is delicious.

This kakiage is made by cafe Arbaro in Kumamoto.