Tokyo Skytree


This is Tokyo Skytree.

My friend Pitch took this photo for me.

It is the world’s tallest broadcasting tower, opened in 2012.

It is 634 meters tall.

The observation deck is at 350 meters high and has a shop, a cafe and a restaurant.

And the observation corridor is at 450 meters above ground. 

They say you can see Mt. Fuji when it is a clear day.

Around the tower there are a shopping center, an aquarium and a planetarium.

I am sure that it is sometimes illuminated.

When I go to Tokyo next time, I would like to visit it.

Yuru kyara



This is the Fukuoka Tower mascot: Fu-ta kun.

They say he is kind and shy.

His height is 234 cm, and the towers’ height is 234 meters.

In Japan there are many mascots which are called “Yuru kyara”.

It means loose character mascots.

Many kinds of local areas and company groups have yuru kyara.

Every year the yuru kyara Grand Prix contest is held in Japan. 

More than 1500 characters enter it.

Fukuoka tower


This is Fukuoka tower’s X’mas tree in lights, which is 108 meters tall. 

Sometimes santa clause appears on the building. 

Fukuoka tower is the tallest seaside broadcasting tower in Japan.

Its height is 234 meters. 

Usually it costs 800 yen to ride an elevator to the top, but foreigners who can prove their status need only pay 640 yen. 

Fukuoka tower is also specially illuminated on Valentine’s Day or during the Star Festival in July. 

It is enjoyable to see the various displays on Fukuoka Tower.