Children’s Day

Today (May 5) is Children’s Day in Japan.
It is especially for boys.

Families who have boys decorate May dolls like armor and helmets of warriors in the room.

These are said to protect people from illnesses and accidents.

And they decorate with carp streamers (Koinobori) like this photo, hoping for boys growth and success.

A black carp is the father, a red carp is the mother and the others are children.

These came from samurai custom.

Kumano magaibutsu


These are Kumano magaibutsu, located in Bungotakada, in Oita prefecture.

Magaibutsu are Buddhist images which are sculpted into walls of rock.

Fudo Myoo is 8 meters high, and Dainichinyorai is 6.8 meters high.

It is said to date from the Heian era, 900 years ago.

These are among the oldest and largest Magaibutsu.

70% of stone buddahs in Japan are found on Kunisaki peninsula. 

It is a 15 minute hike from the parking lot.

Farmers table Morinokazoku


I found a nice restaurant in Kagoshima city.
The name is Morinokazoku (Family in the wood).

They serve organic vegetables which are made at their own farm. 

And Miso of soup is made by the owners mother.

The meal had a lot of vegetables and it was so good.

Next to the restaurant is a cute used book store.

Upstairs had a baked goods shop. 

It was an interesting building.