Trains (Helsinki)

There are Metros, Trams, Buses, and trains in Helsinki.

I bought a one day pass for €9.

I asked many people for directions on the road.

Everybody was very nice.

I took the Finnair bus going to the city from the airport.

And on the way back I tried taking the train.

When I went to the train, the door was closed.

I didn’t know I had to push the button to open by myself.

I had a good time in Helsinki.

I would like to visit Finland again.

Next time I want to visit the forest and maybe a sauna.

Kyoto railway museum

We went to the Kyoto railway museum.

It just started this April (2016).

It is decorated by many types of trains from steam locomotives to Shinkansen (bullet train).

You can learn a lot about trains, like structure, history and safety, etc.

I thought it is an interesting museum. 


This is called ‘ding-ding-train’.

Because when it used to set off the bell would ring “ding-a-ding”.

It was a streetcar which used to run in Kyoto.

Now there are no more streetcars in Kyoto.

But I have seen them still running in other places like Hiroshima and Kagoshima.

This old car is used as an information booth now.

Thomas’s car


Now the Keihan train has Thomas’s train.

It is from “Thomas the tank engine and Friends”.

It is famous and many kids like Thomas and Friends.

The Keihan train runs from Demachiyanagi in Kyoto to Yodoyabashi in Osaka.  

The Hankyu train and JR trains also run between Kyoto and Osaka.

The Thomas train is scheduled to finish on March 27, 2016.

I hope it continues longer.