This is Yufumabushi at the restaurant Shin near Yufuin station. 

The chicken or beef over rice is brought in the hot earthenware pot.

While waiting that you can enjoy included appetizers.

After the hot pot came, first you stir inside and eat, second you eat it with many kinds of pickles and condiments.

Then, last you pour dashi soup over the rice and eat everything.

It was very delicious.


These are scallions.

In Japanese they are called Rakkyo.

I pickled them with vinegar and sugar .

Often times Japanese people eat these with Curry. 

Or people eat Fukujinzuke (vegetables pickled in soy sauce).

When I was small, I just liked Fukujinzuke because it is sweet, but now I love Rakkyo.

I have to keep them like this for at least 10 days until they will be ready.