This is udon at Sanuki Kamaage Udon Marugameseimen.

It is very good.

These noodles are chewy.

They are always made completely on the spot. 

You can also choose Tenpura.

There are many shops in this chain all over Japan.

And now they opened shops in Hawaii, Australia, and many Asian countries. 

I like their udon very much.



In Kyoto ‘Tanuki’ is a thick cornstarch broth style of udon or soba.

This is Tanuki soba at Tagoto soba restaurant on Shinkyogoku street.

This restaurant has continued over 100 years, since the Meiji era–over 3 generations.

The Tanuki soba had deep-fried bean curd, sliced ginger and leeks.

It was very good.

By the way, Tanuki in Tokyo is soba or udon with bits of deep-fried tempura batter.

Tanuki in Osaka is only soba with deep-fried bean curd.

Tanuki originally is the name of an animal called a ‘raccoon dog’ in English. 

And Kitsune (fox) is udon with deep-fried bean curd.

Burdock Tenpura Udon


Burdock Tenpura Udon is popular in Fukuoka.

This is from the shop named “Daichi no Udon”.
The shop is located in the underground mall of the Asahi building near Hakata station. 

It is famous, so usually there is a long waiting line.

But I found out there is an original shop near my house, so I went there.

A burdock Tenpura was so big.

And the noodles were good, too.

Usually Udon here in Fukuoka is softer than those in Kansai.  

But the noodles at Daichi no Udon weren’t too soft.