Byodoin temple

This is Byodoin temple in Uji.

My friend Enchi took these pictures.

It has a Ho-o-do hall whose roof has hoo(phoenix) figures.

The statue of Amida Nyorai which is a work of Jocho is inside it.

Recently it was renovated. 

The image on the Japanese 10 yen coin is Byodo-in Temple’s Ho-o-do hall.

I think it is a beautiful place.

Kyoto animation

Kyoto animation corporation is in Kowata Uji city, which is my home town. 

That used to be a small company, but now it is growing.

They produce animations set in Kyoto.

The famous recent one is “Sounds! Euphonium”.

It is a story about a high school orchestra in Uji.

There are a lot of scenes that take place at iconic locations around Uji.

It is fun to identity those places.

And the Kyo ani shop where you can buy goods is located near Keihan Kowata station.

Obakusan Manpukuji

Obakusan Manpukuji temple is one of the main zen temples in Japan.

It was founded by Ingen who came from China in 1661.

So this temple has a somewhat Chinese feel.

The big wood block shaped fish is famous.

And Hotei-son which is one of Seven Deities of Good Luck in Kyoto is enshrined there.

These are shown in the photos.

Even today, this temple is training Buddhist monks.

Tea picking

I was born and grew up in Uji, Kyoto prefecture, which is famous for tea.

When I was a child, tea trees were all over my house.

Now is the season for tea picking.

‘First tea’ is from end of April to the end of May.

‘Second tea’ is around June and July.

I drew this picture, which is the scene of tea picking.

Uji cha (tea called Ocha) is very good.

Yamari Tsujirihei Honten


This is maccya (powdered green tea) roll cake from Yamari Tujirihei Honten.

It was established in 1860.

Recently they started a new cafe at the place which was a tea factory before. 

It is near JR Uji station, and it is still not well known, so it is like a hidden cafe with a nice atmosphere.

The second floor is a gallery.

You can see tea grinding hand mills made of stone.

They are used to make maccya from fresh tea leaves.

And there are tea rooms, etc.

After I ate a parfait, I bought this roll cake to take out. 

Everything seems a little expensive, but the food is rich and delicious.

Green tea sweets


 One of the famous shops in Uji is “Itoukyuemon ( 伊藤久右衛門).

You can buy so many products made of Green tea : jelly, pudding, rolled cake, cheeses cake, chocolate, drops, yokan, monaka, dorayaki, daifuku, and more.

And of course, they sell many kinds of Japanese tea. 

Those are also sold on the Internet. 

In the shop you can eat the green tea parfait like this big object. 

And you can eat green tea soba, too. 

Green tea products are so good.