Guinness Storehouse (Ireland)

The Guinness Brewery in Dublin is the biggest brewery in Europe. 

At the storehouse  they introduce their production process, advertising and history.

The ticket price includes one pint of Guiness.

You can drink their stout on the 7th floor with a good view.

Uxumal ruins (Mexico)

Uxumal ruins are located about one hour south by car from Merida.

I thought it was in a big jungle.

This is the Pyramid of the magician.

The height is 36.5 meters and it has 118 steps.

The base is elliptical shape, so it is a rounded pyramid.

The curve is beautiful.

It is said in Mayan legend that the dwarf, who was born from the egg which the old witch warmed up with great care, made the pyramid overnight.

I liked that pyramid.