Gold Castella


This is Gold Castella from Mameya Kanazawa Bankyu.

My friend brought this from Kanazawa Ishikawa.

Kanazawa is the city of gold leaf.

99% of the gold leaf production in Japan is there.

I think the Gold Castella is unique.

Also Nagasaki is famous for Castella.

I like Castella made by Fukusaya.

Box sushi


This is a box sushi from Syuraku in Kanazawa.

Omicho Ichiba, which has 280 years history, is in Kanazawa city.

Fresh fish is gathered there. 

Syuraku can be found there.

They sell pressed sushi of various fish in season.

This box sushi contains: eel,sole,shad,salmon,shrimp,harfbeak,barracuda,yellowtail,seabass,barracuda,small sea bream, and pherring roe

It is enjoyable to eat many kinds.