In Kyoto ‘Tanuki’ is a thick cornstarch broth style of udon or soba.

This is Tanuki soba at Tagoto soba restaurant on Shinkyogoku street.

This restaurant has continued over 100 years, since the Meiji era–over 3 generations.

The Tanuki soba had deep-fried bean curd, sliced ginger and leeks.

It was very good.

By the way, Tanuki in Tokyo is soba or udon with bits of deep-fried tempura batter.

Tanuki in Osaka is only soba with deep-fried bean curd.

Tanuki originally is the name of an animal called a ‘raccoon dog’ in English. 

And Kitsune (fox) is udon with deep-fried bean curd.

Ponto cho street


This street is Ponto cho in Kyoto.

It is located between the Kamogawa river and Kiyamachi street, and it runs from Sanjyo street to Shijyo street. 

It is a part of the Gion Geisha area.

And there are many bars and restaurants.

They look too expensive for me.

It is narrow street but a very nice place to visit to enjoy Kyoto atmosphere.

Hirano shrine


Hirano shrine is also famous for Sakura.

It has 400 Sakura trees in 60 different kinds.

Some are early blooming and some are late blooming, so you can see Sakura in bloom over a long time span.

When I visited there last year, 
Koto (Japanese harp) and an end-blown flute were being played under the flowers.